The apartment

Bonobo Living is a separate accommodation 200m from the Villa that allows for you to have more privacy and a space just for yourself. The flat includes a sitting area, kitchen, king size bed, AC and a potion area. It is perfect for longer stays or if you would just like your own space.


Along with meeting other guests and travelers at the pool you can also join us at our rooftop bar nights and famous Wednesday BBQs. The bar has amazing views over the entire of Puerto and some great drink options to go with the views. It is a great way to make new friends and connections while you still have the privacy of your own flat!

Rooftop and Bar
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Contact us via WhatsApp for more information at +52 951 160 2931

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Calle Julio César  MZ10, Residencial Don Goyo 70934 Puerto Escondido, Mexico
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+52 951 160 2931

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